Dentures and Partials

Rebuilding a Smile After Severe Tooth Loss

Ask any person on the street what they think about dentures and you’ll probably hear everything from big teeth floating in a glass of water to those little wind-up fake teeth you can buy at a novelty shop. Of course, the reality of modern dentures is a far cry from the big, bulky dentures of years past. Advances in materials and fabrication techniques have resulted in modern dentures that are lightweight and feature highly realistic color and precision fit. Dr. James Hawks can provide his patients with custom-designed full or partial dentures depending on their particular needs:

  • Partial Dentures: If you are missing several, non-adjoining teeth, a partial denture might be the best option for you. Partial dentures consist of replacement teethattached to a metal clasp, which clip to the remaining teeth. Partial dentures come in removable varieties that can be taken out for cleaning every evening, or fixed versions that can only be removed by your dentist.
  • Full Dentures: If you are missing all the teeth along your top or bottom dental arch, full dentures are the solution for you. Dentures can be fabricated to fit and function like natural teeth, with the use of suction or denture adhesive. These removable prosthetics are durable and life-like.

Securing Dentures on Dental Implants

All of our patients enjoy the youthful appearance and better chewing and speaking ability achieved though dentures, but many would prefer a more secure and stable position. No matter how well a denture fits, there’s always the possibility it could slip out at an inopportune moment. Dental implants, the latest advance in replacement teeth, are surgically implanted into the jaw and provide an incomparably stable base for full or partial dentures. Talk to Dr. Hawks about whether dental implant-secured dentures could give you a new lease on life.

Can a Denture or Partial Rebuild Your Smile?

With a custom-designed full or partial denture, you can rebuild your smile and once again enjoy showing it off. To find out if a denture or partial is right for you, schedule an examination by calling our dental office in West Des Moines, IA, at (515) 225-6665. Since 1985, Dr. Hawks has proudly served the residents of West Des Moines, as well as Urbandale, Johnston, Waukee, Grimes, and all surrounding communities since 1985.