Experience Valley Junction’s Jingle In The Junction

You and your family can enjoy a festive, seasonal atmosphere as you track down the perfect Christmas gifts in Historic Valley Junction. By coming out during the Jingle In The Junction events, you can experience Christmas magic, as the area will be “decked” with more than 150,000 shining lights in the evening. There will also be horse and trolley rides, caroling, and a visit from Santa Claus himself! The first Jingle In The Junction event will take place on Thursday, November 30, with additional dates set for Thursday, December 7, and December 14. (more…)

Planning For Restorative And Cosmetic Dental Treatment

When patients need serious work to restore their smile, they may require multiple dental appointments. If you need to address multiple dental problems, or need to confront a combination of poor oral health and smile flaws, you can be a good candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation. During this process, you can plan for both restorative dental work, and cosmetic dental treatments. The specific procedures you need can depend on the type of problems you are facing. You should know that your dentist will need to complete restorative work before addressing esthetic concerns. That being said, that restorative work you undergo can ultimately have a positive effect on how you look. (more…)

Set A Consultation To Discuss Professional Cosmetic Care

Are you ready to learn how your smile can undergo a dynamic, notable improvement? Many people interested in cosmetic dental treatment will be able to point out the issues they wish to change, but feel some doubt about how those changes can be accomplished. If you want to make a more informed decision, schedule a cosmetic appointment. This will allow you to talk about the different procedures your dentist can provide. You can point out what flaws you want to change, and your dentist can base their recommendation on the current state of your smile. (more…)

3 Things To Keep In Mind In The Event Of A Dental Emergency

Being prepared for a dental emergency can be highly beneficial, even though you (hopefully) will never need to call upon those preparations. Injuries that affect our smiles can be alarming for many reasons. There are obviously concerns about pain, but you can also be worried about the possibility of suffering irreversible harm to your appearance. Fortunately, your dentist is able to provide you with emergency restorative dental care, which can help address discomfort, while also addressing issues with your appearance. (more…)

Taking Part In Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, set up in response to the post-Thanksgiving custom of Black Friday, encourages shoppers to check out the local businesses in their area. On Saturday, November 25, a special Small Business Saturday event will take place at Historic Valley Junction, to encourage area residents to come out in support of local business. The day will start with a special offer for shoppers. Starting at 10 am, the first four hundred shoppers to check in at Historic City Hall will receive a special reusable bag filled with fun prizes! There will also be refreshments and other treats available during the day at different shops. (more…)

Working Through An Accumulation Of Dental Issues

If you have spent an extended period of time without the benefit of professional dental treatment, you may have found yourself with a range of oral health concerns. This neglect can culminate in issues that impact your well-being, while also having a negative effect on your smile. Your dentist can help you regain your smile by providing you with a full mouth rehabilitation. A full mouth rehabilitation will differ for different patients, but its essential role is to help you fully recover from oral health problems. This can involve replacing seriously damaged or lost teeth, restorative work for damaged or decaying teeth, and even cosmetic dental work. (more…)

How Long Will It Take To Complete Your Cosmetic Dental Work?

One thing that may hold a person back from undergoing cosmetic dental work is the fear that the process will be a lengthy one. In fact, patients are often happy to discover that their procedure can be completed in the course of a single visit. In cases where you are primarily interested in making your teeth whiter, you can take a professional whitening treatment home with you. If you want to determine which treatment would be best suited to what you want, you can set up a consultation to learn more. (more…)

Enjoy Valley Junction’s Jingle Bell Drop Event 11.16

We still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, but the early Christmas shoppers among us serve as a reminder that the holidays are fast approaching. You can enjoy a head start on holiday spirit at Historic Valley Junction on Thursday, November 16 when you come out for the Jingle Bell Drop! This event is staged to help preview the annual “Jingle In The Junction” series, a popular event that helps people and businesses in Valley Junction truly revel in the holiday spirit. The “Jingle Bell Drop” is a free event where you and your family can enjoy a celebration of the upcoming Christmas celebrations! (more…)

Enjoying A Full Smile Recovery After A Dental Emergency

What will your smile look like after a dental emergency? If you suffer an injury that leaves your tooth – or several teeth – in poor shape, you may be pessimistic about how your appearance will be impacted. An injury that results in dislodged teeth can be even more alarming. What you should know is that in addition to providing prompt care to restore your oral health, your dentist can do work to restore your smile. For many patients, restorative care will actually lead to those cosmetic improvements. A dental crown made from ceramic or zirconia will fit in enough with your natural smile to make sure you still feel confident when you show off your smile. (more…)

How The Shape And Condition Of Teeth Affect Your Smile

The quality of a person’s smile is based on more than just the color of their teeth. In many cases, patients who inquire about cosmetic dental work hope to address a problem with the condition, shape, or size of certain teeth. This could be because wear and tear have hurt their appearance, but others will be seeking help with congenital flaws. Dental bonding and contouring can allow your dentist to correct concerns of this nature. You also have the option of having porcelain veneers placed. It should be noted that a problem tooth that impacts your dental function may need to be fitted with a dental crown, which can offer cosmetic and functional improvement. (more…)