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What Can You Count On During Your Cavity Treatment?

Modern dental care makes it possible for your dentist to provide you with a discreet, durable restoration for a tooth affected by a cavity. When you receive a dental crown or dental filling made with modern materials, which can mimic your enamel to a remarkable degree, you can preserve your appearance. That means even tooth… Read more »

The Real Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Most people who develop cavities can have them treated with a custom tooth filling, saving their tooth while eliminating the resulting toothache. However, not every filling is the same, and in most cases, the most beneficial option is a tooth-colored filling made from composite resin. Unlike traditional metal fillings, tooth-colored ones are designed specifically to… Read more »

3 Things To Watch Out For When You Have A Dental Crown

If you have a dental crown, you should be able to count on a level of support that allows you to feel fully confident that your tooth is protected. After all, the aim of any restorative dental treatment is to return your smile to good condition, and that means enjoying real functional support. Thanks to… Read more »

Bringing A Toothache To Your Dentist’s Attention

When you develop a toothache, you may find yourself exploring workarounds to manage your discomfort. You may make a point to modify how you bite and chew food, so that you do not put pressure on the affected tooth. You may be reluctant to enjoy particularly hot or cold foods and drinks. What you should… Read more »

Will Your Dental Restoration Interfere With Your Smile?

Restorative dental work after a cavity can ensure that your damaged tooth has the support it needs to handle routine biting and chewing forces. This is important, as you should feel confident that your ability to bite and chew food is not impacted by a treatment for decay. You can be happy to learn that… Read more »

Addressing The Cosmetic Effects Of A Dental Emergency

When you suffer a dental emergency, your dentist’s immediate concern will be to address the damage, and attempt to manage your discomfort. This initial restorative dental care is certainly important, but you can find yourself worrying about more than just your oral health. Many people who suffer dental injuries will find that their smile is… Read more »

Planning For Restorative And Cosmetic Dental Treatment

When patients need serious work to restore their smile, they may require multiple dental appointments. If you need to address multiple dental problems, or need to confront a combination of poor oral health and smile flaws, you can be a good candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation. During this process, you can plan for both… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind In The Event Of A Dental Emergency

Being prepared for a dental emergency can be highly beneficial, even though you (hopefully) will never need to call upon those preparations. Injuries that affect our smiles can be alarming for many reasons. There are obviously concerns about pain, but you can also be worried about the possibility of suffering irreversible harm to your appearance…. Read more »

Working Through An Accumulation Of Dental Issues

If you have spent an extended period of time without the benefit of professional dental treatment, you may have found yourself with a range of oral health concerns. This neglect can culminate in issues that impact your well-being, while also having a negative effect on your smile. Your dentist can help you regain your smile… Read more »

Enjoying A Full Smile Recovery After A Dental Emergency

What will your smile look like after a dental emergency? If you suffer an injury that leaves your tooth – or several teeth – in poor shape, you may be pessimistic about how your appearance will be impacted. An injury that results in dislodged teeth can be even more alarming. What you should know is… Read more »