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Have Your Dentist Examine A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

If you have recently suffered dental damage, you may be eager to correct the problem as soon as possible. That being said, some patients will put off having a dentist look at a chipped or cracked tooth, particularly if they are not feeling any discomfort. What you should know is that even a minor form… Read more »

Your Dentist Is Ready To Help If You Damage Your Tooth

How alarmed should you be after suffering dental damage? Obviously, if you suffer something like a serious crack or chip in your tooth, you can be alarmed, and in notable discomfort. However, while you worry about immediate repairs, you may also experience feelings of anxiety around the way this impacts your smile. How long will… Read more »

Fully Restoring Your Smile After An Injury

Tooth injuries can be painful and alarming. Few injuries have the capacity to disrupt your appearance as much as trauma that affects the look of a tooth. You may be worried about how you look after a tooth is chipped or cracked. After physical impact, a tooth could even lose its whiteness! When you need… Read more »

Enjoying A Full Recovery From A Serious Dental Injury

It should be made clear that if your dental emergency is part of a larger problem threatening your general health, seek the appropriate treatment. In some cases, the emergency room is the first place you should go for help. That being said, injuries that lead to dental trauma can be addressed through emergency restorative dental… Read more »

Properly Responding To Cracks And Chips In Teeth

You may be able to point to a specific incident that led to a chip or crack in your tooth. It could have been an injury while playing sports, or the unfortunate aftermath of biting into something especially hard. However, you can also develop small signs of damage over time due to natural wear and… Read more »

You Have Options For Fixing Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry offers effective solutions to problems like chipped or cracked teeth. In some cases, this type of physical damage will be serious enough for your dentist to recommend restorative dental work. This can be an especially important step if the damage has exposed your pulp, as this can leave you open to infection in… Read more »

Restoring An Injured Tooth

An injury to your tooth can be unpleasant, and inconvenient. After a tooth injury, you may be left with unsightly physical damage to your enamel, like a chip or a crack. More serious trauma can leave your pulp exposed, which can require a root canal treatment. Even a relatively minor injury can require a cosmetic… Read more »

Why Does a Cracked Tooth Need Root Canal Treatment?

You might already know that your cracked tooth needs a dental crown to protect it, but would you be surprised to learn that it may also need root canal treatment? Usually, the procedure is reserved for a tooth that has developed severe tooth decay, but it may also prevent a cracked tooth from succumbing to… Read more »

How to Improve Your Smile with Bonding

Teeth bonding is a non-invasive, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment that can deliver an amazing smile update without a major time or financial investment. Dental bonding can correct your minor to moderate smile imperfections, like chipped teeth, gaps between your teeth, asymmetrical teeth, and stained teeth. With dental bonding, composite resin material is applied to the… Read more »

Quiz: All About Tooth Fillings

Dental fillings are a safe and effective treatment for tooth decay, the most common dental condition experienced by both children and adults. Fillings have been in use for centuries; there’s even evidence that humans filled¬†the holes in their teeth¬†with fillings back in ancient times! Just as you’d repair a crack in your home foundation to… Read more »