Tartar Can Cause Trouble For Your Periodontal Health

How can tartar affect your oral health? Tartar, a hardened plaque that can call for the attention of your dental hygienist, can put you at risk for dental troubles. While tartar can make you more likely to suffer a cavity, a buildup at your gum line can pose problems for your periodontal health. If bacteria are able to travel below your gum line, you can develop gingivitis, which can grow more advanced – and become more difficult to treat – if it is not addressed in time. Symptoms of gum disease can include bad breath, a recession of your gum line, and bleeding or swelling of the tissue. While brushing and flossing can fail to help, your hygienist can remove tartar during a professional dental cleaning.

Regular Dental Checkups Can Keep Your Smile In Good Shape

By seeing your dentist regularly for checkups, you can stay informed about the quality of your oral health. If a problem arises, you can arrange to have it promptly treated. You also benefit from these appointments because of the regular cleanings you receive. Your hygienist can provide a remarkable level of detailed care to your smile. In addition to removing tartar, they can tend to areas of your teeth that are difficult to reach.

You Can Prevent Tartar From Accumulating With Smart Daily Care

Tartar can be stubborn, and put your smile at risk. Fortunately, you can keep it from forming by practicing smart preventive dental care. Make sure you brush your teeth at least two times a day, to remove bacteria and food debris from accumulating. You should also floss at least once every day, to remove harmful particles from spaces between your teeth.

Talk To Dr. Hawks About Protecting Your Oral Health 

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