Small Dental Flaws Can Cause Big Problems For Your Smile

An otherwise stunning smile can be severely impacted by a tooth with a visible chip or crack. If you have a small dental flaw, it can command considerable attention, leaving you self-conscious and frustrated. Fortunately, your dentist can offer precise cosmetic dental work to put an end to this problem. Dental bonding and contouring treatments are often relied on to eliminate signs of damage, or other issues with a tooth that might hurt the overall quality of your appearance. In many cases, a treatment can be completed in one appointment, meaning you may not realize just how close you are to a terrific smile improvement!

A Bonding And Contouring Treatment Can Improve Your Smile In A Single Appointment

Dental bonding and contouring treatments involve careful modifications to teeth that are unsightly due to superficial concerns. Contouring makes it possible for your dentist to bring down the size of a tooth that is too large, and it can even out a jagged tooth. Dental bonding sees your dentist cover a tooth with composite resin – this material allows them to cover chips and cracks, and it can make a tooth look bigger. Composite resin is also used to create life-like dental fillings.

Finding The Right Solution For Your Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Your dentist can give you more information about the condition of your smile when you come in for a consultation. One concern your dentist will have is whether or not your flawed tooth is interfering with your dental function. If this is a concern, a dental crown may be needed. In addition to protecting a tooth, and absorbing bite pressures on its behalf, a dental crown made with life-like materials can have a positive cosmetic effect.

Talk To Dr. Hawks About A Bonding And Contouring Treatment

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